New Scammer Network Revealed

Yes, our members had confirmed that the new scam network by Kilpatrick & Hart involves Tom Hart (Big Scammer), Michael Schramer (Introducing Broker), Michael Cherry (Fake Company), they always bring in lots of people in conference call and give you all types of craps. 

We had audio tapes – they said option 1 is to pay $15,000, option 2 is to pay $20,000, and this is after paying them $15,000 in fees.

We warned our partners so many times not to touch them nor trust them, but he insisted and now really regretted and felt he had let everybody down, which had hurt the business and credibility.

Another evidence Kilpatrick & Hart is a scam

They closed nothing. They have a large list of anonymous companies to which they lended money ( Any legit investor proudly exhibits all info regarding to successful investments. An as a reference (, all they have is a certain Mr. Paul Fitch who’s email is… Great name for a reference! They D&B reports mentions they had revenues of 20,000$ in 2003. Not a lot for a company which lends millions. Anyways, stay away from these guys.

New Scam Letter from Kilpatrick & Hart

Kilpatrick and Hart, LTD., Inc. has reviewed your financing requested and has conceptual interest in addressing the funding required.


Founded in 1988, K&H has been in business for over 20 years, functioning as national and international specialized commercial loan consultants. Our history, examples of types of financing addressed, and our 8 step funding process may be reviewed on our website:


Currently, our database includes over 200 specialized lenders, investors and investment banking firms. We act as correspondents to these investors and lenders, utilizing this network of established relationships to perform initial underwriting of proposed transactions and conceptually determining the feasibility of the requested financing.


In order for us to begin the funding process for your transaction, per the 8 step process included on K&H’s website, please email the following information to us at, your executive summary, funding overview, or the one-page loan pre-qualifier worksheet found on the website. Upon receipt, we will review and provide you with a response to your request, usually within 72 business hours.   We have also included for your review, information regarding our Specialty Corporate Equity Funding Program.


We look forward to hearing from you, receiving your first project financing request and commencing our working relationship.  If you have any questions, please contact Tom Hart at 609-585-4226.




The Funding Team

Kilpatrick and Hart

12 Signs of Scams

1) Type in company name + Scam on search engine

Eg. Kilpatrick & Hart Scam

2) Type in Name + Scam on search engine

Eg. Tom Hart Scam

3) Type in company name + Rip-Off

Eg. Kilpatrick & Hart Rip-Off

4) Do the same on Principal’s Name + Rip Off

Eg. Tom Hart Rip Off

5) Type in company name + Court Order

Eg. Kilpatrick & Hart Court Order

6) Don’t believe in BBB & D&B Rating – they are useless, they just hire a bunch of interns and calling people around for references, which can be manipulated easily.

7) No profiles on LinkedIn at all – it’s strange, but if you want to reach out, you want to have a good presence on LinkedIn

8) Don’t believe in references they give you on the website – they are their buddies sometimes

9) Call them, and offer to meet with them in person, if they want to charge upfront fee – they will usually run like a rat as they don’t even have a house or office to meet with you

10) Ask them business questions – scammers are smart in scamming people and have no idea how to analyze a business.

11) Ask them financial questions – scammers don’t know financials, they will just repeating themselves like presentations..etc.

12) Do they get agitated when they get cornered? They get cornered when you ask for personal references like where they had worked, customers, issue guarantee.

We tested a scammer with a business, and he keeps getting mixed up with the company name and their location, get so mad when we asked for reference.


Kilpatrick & Hart – Another victim report

More are being revealed, apparently, they will pretend to set up a meeting for you with an investor in NYC, of course, they won’t, as they don’t have anyone to present – after you pay them 2nd round fee which ranges from $15,000 to $30,000, then that’s it.

Then they will keep going back to you about Agreements and all that kind of crap – and said you signed the Agreement and tough luck, you should read it before you sign it.

They routinely partner with new scammers – which is hard to track as you can’t find anything about these guys anywhere. None of these people are legit.

They will pull in some guys off the street and pretend they are customers being funded, you ask them which companies they are from and they will always say confidential.

Don’t believe these clowns, we have reported to FBI already about these guys, and hope they will do something soon.

They should be raided just like Remington Capital.

Looking for other volunteers to detect scams & frauds

We are looking for more volunteers to detect frauds & scams – our team current has 10 members who are all from venture capital, real estate and advisory industries. We are so fed up to see so many scams and frauds, especially fee grabbing scammers.

We go out and help clients when they have questions – we participate in client meetings and listen to their responses.

By doing so, we had prevented several attempted scams already – such as those conducted by Kilpatrick and Hart, Tom Hart (CEO of Kilpatrick & Hart), RCA Capital (A Scam investment firm), Remington Capital (Upfront Fee Grabber), Direct Funding Resources (Miloud Investments), Several individual investors who pretend to be scammers, several questionable companies & investment firms. 

We are looking for more volunteers to join us and reveal these scammers and stop them hurting real businesses.

At the same time, we would also like to investigate into business scammers – many businesses also try to scam investors – which is equally a major issue.